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Welcome to the M2M Tool

To begin a career as a credentialed Merchant Mariner, you need a Merchant Mariner Credential issued by the U.S. Coast Guard. These credentials require years of sea going experience, training and assessments or exams. Your military sea service, experience and training can meet some of these requirements.

The M2M Tool analyzes your entries and uploaded service records for creditable sea service, training and assessments that you completed during your military service and compares your results against the standard for an original or upgraded Merchant Mariner Credential. The Results section details which credentials you may be able to pursue based on your specific military experience:

Upload Upload
You can upload your MilGears session file or one of these MilGears-compatible service records to prepopulate some of the data.
  • MilGears Session File (Recommended)
  • Navy – ETJ, VMET or JST
  • Army – ERB, ORB, VMET or JST
  • Marine Corp – VMET or JST
  • Coast Guard – PSR, AOPS Report, MET or JST
If you don’t have any of these records, you can enter information manually.
Update Update
After uploading all available documents, update or complete as much of the requested information as possible. Useful results are based on the completeness and accuracy of the information you enter.
Ensure your service history is complete and accurate, including dates served and highest Rank/Rate held per duty station. Even if you uploaded you service records, all information may not be complete.
Review Review
After you have entered and updated all your information, it is important to review each Review screen to make sure your information is as accurate and complete as you can make it.

The Tool then informs you which Coast Guard Credentials would be best to pursue based on your calculated sea service and provides additional information on the Coast Guard application and evaluation process.

Remember that your ability to obtain a CG Credential must still be evaluated at the -
National Maritime Center Opens in new window .